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About Us

Daniel Mabey, CoinEgg Founder & CEO. Previously, he worked for First Equity Holding Corporation, an investment banking firm mainly involved in M&A and public offerings in the US. He worked to take several Chinese companies public on US public equity markets. He also worked on several EB-5 investment projects. In addition, he has participated in several Utah Government delegation to China and associated projects. Daniel received his B.A. from University of Pennsylvania and studied abroad at Peking University.

Peter Chan, Ph.D, CoinEgg CTO. Previously, Dr. Chan was a research fellow with the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Before that, he was a visiting scholar with the Honda Research Institute Europe in Germany. He received the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom. Dr. Chan is an expert in artificial intelligence and computational intelligence. His research work has significant impacts in both academia and industry. Some of his research outputs have been applied by the Honda in modern vehicle engineering. He is the founding/leading co-chair of several IEEE sponsored international conferences.